Ducky Trips

As an alternative for rafting, we offer a more adventurous way of enjoying the river, the ducky, an inflatable kayak (something in between raft and kayak) that offers more excitement and more individual control over the craft than the usual big raft. You don’t need kayaking experience to go on a ducky trip; you only need some enthusiasm and desire for adventure.

If you want to experience something similar to kayaking without wanting to go through the technical part of it, ducky is the thing to try.

Ducky is ideal for family trips, since 2 or 3 people can fit in one ducky. Along with the ducky we send guides and safety kayakers that would take care of the passengers in case the boat flips in the river. Also, we offer technical equipment [wet suit, shoes, PDF (personal floating device), helmet], safety instructions, transportation from and to Leh and hot lunch in our camp in Nimoo.

Ducky Day Trips

Phey to Nimoo

Moderate, 2 hours, Grade 3+

A fun trip through the Indus River

Price – Rs. 4000 per/person

Lunch & Transport  – 200 per/person (optional)

Chilling to Nimoo Ducky

Intense, 3 hours, Grade 4+

Navigate through 4 big rapids and spend good amount of time on the river

Price – Rs. 4500 per/person

Lunch & Transport  – 200 per/person (optional)

Scorpochay to Nimoo Ducky

Moderate, 2 hours, 3+

A thrilling medium length trip on the Zanskar River

Price – Rs. 3500 per/person

Lunch & Transport  – 200 per/person (optional)

Ducky Multiday Trips

Two day ducky trip on Indus river

(from Karu to Nimoo)

Moderate, 2 Days, Grade 3.

This trip is best suited for people who are new to water sports. The first is very easy so you get warmed up. The next day is full of fun rapids. By the end of it, Indus will leave you totally thrilled!

Price – Rs. ???? per/person

Day 1
(4-5 hours)
Karu to Phey – An easy ride with lunch on the shore.
We will have amazing views of Thicksey and Stakna monasteries and the moon scenery of the desert mountains. We will be carrying all we need with us and we will be camping on the shore of Indus, with a bonfire that would warm up the evening after a day on the river.
Day 2
(3-4 hours)
Phey to Nimmoo
This section has class II-III rapids, just enough to get the thrill of white water kayaking. The river goes through a beautiful isolated canyon and the river is smooth enough despite the big waves. We will have lunch at Wet n wild camp in Nimoo, get changed in dry clothes and then drive back to Leh.

Two day ducky trip on Zanskar River

(from Niraq to Nimoo)

Difficult, 2 Days, Grade 4+

This trip is for adrenaline seekers. Travel through the narrow gorges of the Zanskar River, have lunch next to a beautiful waterfall and camp by the river near Chilling

Price – Rs. ??? per/person


Day 1
(3 hours)
Niraq to Chilling
This trip is for adrenaline seekers. There are some grade III-IV rapids on the way, as the river gets narrower until it enters a steep 18ft wide gap called the Gate rapid. We will have lunch at one of the most beautiful waterfall on the route and then the valley passes through spectacularly colored mountain formations all around. We will camp in Chilling and get ready for another day of adventure.
Day 2
(2 hours)
Chilling to Nimmoo
We will take our time to enjoy the place and after breakfast we start another thrilling day towards Nimoo. There are 4 rapids class III-IV on the way. We will have lunch at Wet n Wild camp in Nimoo, get changed in dry clothes and drive back to Leh, tired from the physical effort, but delighted with the fresh memories of some good time.