Whitewater Kayaking- Advanced

Our Advanced Kayaking Courses Class III-IV is designed to give you the confidence to run different styles of white-water, be it: big volume, technical or continuous rapids. With our vast experience of coaching and our in-depth knowledge of the local area and rivers it is the perfect way to make a solid foundation that will help you improve your technique and give you a understanding of more challenging white water and a dynamic approach to river running.

Duration- 10+ days on request

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Throughout the advanced course, we will be working on various techniques such as:

  • Breaking in and out of the river is a basic manoeuvre that we have learnt when we first went kayaking on a river, however we now want to improve our eddy skills to enable us to catch any eddy on the river. With the characters of eddys changing on various styles of river we will learn the different techniques that will help us get safely and smoothly into an eddy without the wobbles or getting caught on the edge of our kayak or stuck in the boils or eddy line!
  • Scouting is not just important to see where we need to go but as we start our journey into reading and understanding the dynamics of whitewater it will help us to plan our line and be one step ahead when we reach that certain point on the rapid or feature.
  • Looking ahead, reading and predicting river features – the more understanding of whitewater we have the easier it becomes to put in the correct technique, with a positive body position thus helping us to stay on the line and be ready for the next move or challenge. We will be looking at features such as waves (diagonal, straight, V waves, green and crashing waves) and holes (friendly, unfriendly and big volume) and the effects this has on our line or route down a rapid.
  • Safety and Group Dynamics will also be an important part of our Skills and Thrills Class 3-4 course. Understanding group dynamics and slowing everything down at first will give us a great insight into how we would run a typical Alpine style rapid with a group of friends and of course the more controlled and organised the group is, the safer the descent will be. Thus limiting those critical situations and lowering the chances of having a real time situation!
  • Understanding and working with Momentum – both lateral and downstream, working with our edges and understanding the fundamentals of body, boat and blade. We are aiming to make you a more dynamic and pro-active style of kayaker.

Instructors / Guides

All of our Instructors are qualified through International Rafting Federation(IRF) and have a wealth of experience teaching kayaking not just in India, but all over the world. Our Instructors/Coaches will tailor the course so that you learn at your own pace and your kayaking skills will progress extremely fast.

Kit to bring

If you have your own equipment then please bring it along for the course. We teach the modern way of kayaking and so if you are in an extremely old, long boat with no edge then we have modern designed kayaks, paddles and equipment that is included in the price of the course. A sturdy pair of river boots are mandatory (no sandals) plus any of your own personal kayaking apparel.